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Welcome to a safe place where we:

*Support one another and realize that you are not alone!


* Have open discussions.


* Learn how to set healthy boundaries for the children you are raising.


*Have access to resources to help you learn and grow.


*Support in your choice to keep your grandchildren out of the foster care system.


*A place where all questions and struggles will be welcomed.


*Confidentiality will be of the upmost importance.  

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Raising the next generation.

Raising grandchildren in a rapidly changing environment is nothing less that challenging and super rewarding.


The youngest generations have access to advance technology which scientists have found that their brains are wired differently than ours.  So how do we meet them where they are and help them thrive in your home under your care?



Meet Your Facilitator.

Vicki Lair who earned her B.A. in psychology and social work from Iowa Wesleyan.  Her career focused on working with families, troubled teens, drug addicted teens, and low-income families.


Vicki co-founded ATTITUDES TEEN CENTER with Karen Rockhold where we provided fun actives, engaged in community betterment projects, and taught healthy boundaries.  Provided opportunities for the teens to work off their community service hours.  Brought in Richard Bentler from Purple Star Productions to train the teens to be D.J.s 


Vicki has also had first-hand experience of raising 5 grandchildren and has a heart for children and their caregivers.

Questions?  Call the church office and leave a message for Vicki Lair.

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